Out and About – Reykjavík

Reykjavík, Iceland. En route to our week-long tour of the Faroe Islands, we spent a day here in transit, exploring the world’s northernmost capital. Jetlagged and pressed for time, our brief tour consisted of a good deal of walking the downtown area and hitting as many tourist landmarks as possible. And there’s lots to see and do in this clean and attractive city.

Hallgrimskirkja cathedral overlooking Laugavegur, downtown Reykjavík.

Starting out at the Fiskihöfn old fishing harbour, we make our way along the waterfront into the city centre and the popular shopping district of Laugavegur. Of course we had to stop for some fish and chips (pretty common tourist fare) and Icelandic-style hot dogs, the wildly popular street food.

Here, a small collection of photos from our Reykjavík exploration on foot.

Old Reykjavík harbour.

Romance at the marina.


Ready for adventure!

An old fishing boat.

At the Reykjavík Maritime Museum.

Fishing vessels docked at Fiskihöfn, large and small.

Mosaic mural at Tollhúsið, Reykjavík’s customs building.

Exploring the quiet side streets of downtown.

One of the many fish and chips restaurants near the harbour.

Harpa Concert and Conference Centre.

Harpa is home to Iceland’s national opera and symphony.

Inside the award-winning architecture.

Along the waterfront. Who started this rock stacking craze, anyway?

Sólfarið – The Sun Voyager, a sculpture in stainless steel.

Hallgrimskirkja cathedral, whose 73m tower dominates the city’s skyline.

Strolling (and trolling) the downtown shopping district.

Very nordic!

The burden of work!

Menntaskólinn, the oldest junior college (high school) in Reykjavík.

Part of the Old Town with Dómkirkjan church in the back.

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12 responses to “Out and About – Reykjavík

    • Thank you Sudeepta, and the link to your blog. Lots of good info there – I’d love to do a return trip to Iceland and explore properly. Your site will be helpful!


    • Thank you! I was only there for few days on transit, so barely scratched the surface. Have a few more pics coming, but definitely worth a proper trip (I’d say minimum 2 weeks). I hope to be back there too.

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