Where In The World?

Where in the world is Peter Lam Photography? Check out these maps.

I usually geotag my posts to indicate the location of the photos taken, either locally or travelling overseas. When I’m on a hike, I also track my route using a GPS tracker. I thought it would be interesting to put all this information on a set Google Maps to give further context to the blog entries. These maps are updated continually as new posts are added on PLP, and I use them as a kind of blog entry index.

The maps are interactive – you can zoom and navigate like any other Google map. Open the left hand menu on the map to see the list of markers and routes. If you click on the markers (pins) or hiking routes (squiggly lines), you’ll find a link to the blog entry that is related to that location.

Hong Kong

I spend much of the year in Hong Kong, so naturally there’s lots of hikes and blog entries in this area.

Asia Region

Short trips in Asia using Hong Kong as a travel hub is ideal for anyone with wanderlust. Be on the lookout for cheap flights and hotels, and you’re soon on your way. I especially love travelling in Japan.

Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe

My other home is Toronto, the largest city in Canada. Lots of things to see and do in this modern and ethnically diverse metropolis. The Golden Horseshoe includes the Greater Toronto Area and the western portion of Lake Ontario.

Eastern Canada

I am always amazed over how big Canada actually is. Just a few hours drive from the city, and you’re in the wilderness. The many provincial parks in particular are great places for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Western Canada

With family in Vancouver, I visit the West Coast as often as I can. They don’t call it “Beautiful British Columbia” for nothing! And of course, the amazing hikers heaven that are the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions? Let me know.

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