Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

This blog is primarily about photography – specifically the photos I like to take. Taking pictures is a passion of mine, and I hope that by sharing them with the world, I can in some measure improve my skills and perhaps make some new friends along the way, too. It is also a tool for me to track my development in terms of style and subject – my official record.

A little about myself: I was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark where I spent my childhood years. I then moved to Toronto, Canada to study and eventually work in the software development business. I now split my time between Toronto and Hong Kong, where I reside for most of the year. Three countries, three totally different cultures and environments.

I love travelling, both near and far. And anything outdoors – hiking, camping, canoeing, urban exploration.

I’m not much of a writer, so my posts are brief and hopefully my pictures will do the talking for me. I always welcome any feedback on how to develop and improve my skills, so don’t feel shy to leave me some comments. Or you can always contact me directly by using the form below (it’ll just be between us). If you like the photos and would like to use them, please let me know and we can work something out. I’m happy to share!

Want to know more about me? Click here for an interview by fellow blogger BlueBalu: Living in Hong Kong.

Thank you so much for stopping by – I hope you visit again soon!