BlueBalu Interviews Peter Lam Photography

It’s been a quiet few days on the blog, and for good reason – I’ve been doing some traveling, so stick around for some updated posts coming soon! In the meantime, check out this interview on BlueBalu: Living In Hong Kong, a fellow HK-based blogger. BlueBalu was one of the first sites I followed when I started my blog half a year ago. The website is a great combination of travel, foodie, and insider-tips articles – whether you are in the Hong Kong area, plan to visit, or just curious about what the city has to offer, you definitely want to check it out.

What are your favourite places in Hong Kong to take pictures of the city and its people?
Hong Kong fascinates me. You can find absolutely everything in this city, from the superskyscrapers of the Central financial district and the densely populated apartment blocks of Kowloon, to the rural villages of Lantau and pristine coastline of Sai Kung. My favorite places are usually those where you can still catch a glimpse of the people and lifestyles of a bygone era, and how they contrast with the modern, fast paced city. Places like the old street markets squeezed between luxury brand stores, or small fishing villages that are about to disappear due to land redevelopment. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up here, so I don’t take these things for granted. Things change so quickly in Hong Kong, in a few decades it could all be gone. I think it’s important to preserve the culture that makes this place unique, and taking a picture is one way of doing that.

Thank you BlueBalu for interviewing me! Click here for the full interview.

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

5 responses to “BlueBalu Interviews Peter Lam Photography

  1. Peter, thank you so much for the callout in your interview with bluebalu! I am so honored to have you as a reader/follower, and I will always enjoy following your posts and wonderful images. Your support means the world 😉


  2. Thanks! It was an honour to interview you, Peter! I’m looking forward to discover some ‘new’ areas of Hong Kong through the lens of your camera!


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