Lung Ha Wan Country Trail

Another weekend, another hike. I’m really beginning to appreciate the Hong Kong countryside and the large number of trails available. They are easily accessible, are well marked and maintained, and are suited for all levels of hikers. It’s good exercise and fresh air.

I’d consider myself a intermediate level hiker, hopefully working towards advanced. My goal is to hike to the top of Lantau Peak for a sunrise photoshoot – the second highest mountain in Hong Kong. Target timeframe is by next spring… So lots of practice until then!


The hiking path, as tracked by my RunKeeper app.

This weekend, it was the Lung Ha Wan country trail in the near Clearwater Bay. Not terribly difficult, but still quite a workout, especially the first kilometer where most of the ascent is. Still nowhere near as challenging as the Ng Tung Chai trail  from a few weeks ago. The day was overcast and quite windy due to the approach of tropical storm Krosa (typhoon signal 1 posted) – probably a good thing, as there is not much shade on this trail.

There are unobstructed views of the surrounding islands and the villages nestled in the bays. Peak elevation is around 270 meters above sea level.
The photos here were taken on the hike. All were with the X-Pro1 and 18mm f2 lens. This is the lightest combo I have; I even took the Gariz half-cover off to cut down the bulk. On a hike, every gram counts!


Looking south east. The parking lot below is the starting point!


The trail is well-maintained.


Looking east near the peak. Windy!


A lone trail runner taking a break.


Looking north, starting the descent.


Pretty spectacular view on the descent.


Eyes on the trail…


Near the bottom of the mountain, looking north east. A lone boat braving the winds.

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