A Day on Bruny Island

Bruny, Tasmania, Australia. An island off an island off an island – located off the south east coast in the Tasman Sea, a perfect destination for a day trip from the Tasmanian mainland. So it was on Day 6 of our stay that we headed to Kettering harbour, a 45 minute drive south of Hobart, to catch an early commuter ferry to Bruny Island. After a short 20-minute trip across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, you and your vehicle arrive on this island of just 600 inhabitants. The feeling of isolation is palpable, even by Tasmanian standards!

Click here for an outline of our Tasmanian adventure

North Bruny across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

The long island has a total length of almost 100km, with North and South Bruny separated by a narrow sandy isthmus called The Neck. Here you can climb a long flight of steps to a viewpoint for a fantastic 360 degree view of the surrounding bays.

Heading further south, we arrive at Adventure Bay for the day’s main event: an eco-tour of the island’s south eastern coast run by Pennicott Wilderness Journeys. Cruising on agile, custom-built 40-seat power boats, the trip takes us along the rugged coastline for a close-up experience of the raw natural beauty and wildlife of South Bruny. Exploring sea caves, unusual rock formations, sea birds and seal colonies, the knowledgeable and entertaining guides make short work of the 3-hour trip. Business was good – all four boats were filled to capacity, seemingly the most popular attraction on the island.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent exploring the Bruny by car, stopping for lunch at Australia’s southern-most winery, visiting a local cheese factory, and sampling some excellent Tasmanian whiskies. Back in Hobart in time for dinner, this was a day well spent.

On board the Bowen ferry from Kettering to Bruny Island.

View from The Neck lookout towards South Bruny.

Boardwalk down to the beach and Adventure Bay.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church on Adventure Bay.

Bruny Island cruise along the rugged coastline.

Towering rock stacks on the coast.

Speedy and maneuverable, the boats are the only way to see the sights. And everyone gets a poncho!

Look up at The Chimney, an impressive volcanic rock formation.

Dramatic cliffs all along the coastline.

Up close to sea birds feeding on a school of baitfish.

One of many sea caves. Can you see The Mask?

Black-faced cormorants. And no, that’s not snow.

Now that’s a lot of sh*t.

Seal colony relaxing in the sun.

They almost make it look comfortable on those rocks.

Before you see the colony, you’ll smell them…

Bird watching our every move.

The only thing missing – dolphins. Unfortunately, no sightings today.

Stopping at the Bruny Island Cheese Company.

An excellent selection of cheeses made and aged on-site.

Sampling single malts at the Tasmanian House of Whiskey, North Bruny.

Catching the late ferry back to the Tasmanian mainland.

Location Map and Route

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