The Vigeland Sculpture Park

Norway’s most popular attraction is located in the heart of its capital. With somewhere between one and two million visitors a year, Frogner Park and its  installation of sculptures by artist Gustav Vigeland is a public space open year-round. A relaxing stroll through this popular destination was a fitting way to end our Norwegian roadtrip, coming full circle to Olso where we set out eleven days ago.

Here is an outline of our Norwegian Roadtrip Adventure

Although informally referred to as the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the installation themselves are part of Frogner Park and the adjacent Frogner Mansion, site of the Oslo City Museum. The Vigeland installation (Vigelandsanlegget) consists of over 200 pieces of granite and bronze sculptures, a pedestrian bridge, and fountains culminating with a 46-foot tall Monolith carved from a single piece of rock. This is the world’s largest sculpture park by a single artist.

The figures, all nude, range from the whimsical to surreal in a variety of poses that alternate from benign to violent. Many of them are intimate examinations of human relationships, and the 121 figures (yes try counting them) entangled in The Monolith clamouring their way to the top is mesmerizing!

The Vigeland Museum, located adjacent to the park near Frogner Manor, is dedicated to the sculptor and his works – definitely worth checking out, though we ran out of time. Just another reason to come back for a second visit.

Location Map

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