Hiking Assiniboine: Lake Magog and Assiniboine Lodge

The third day would be the one of the most relaxing of our six-day adventure. The trek from Og Lake campground to the Assiniboine Lodge is a short 6-km hike through Og Meadows with little elevation change. This would also be the day we arrive at Lake Magog at the base of Mount Assiniboine for a two night stay in rustic log cabins for the most “civilized” portion of the hike.

Here is the outline of our hike through Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park.

It’s early and a couple of campers are already up for the sunrise. Mount Assiniboine’s pyramidal peak is reflected in Lake Og’s mirror-still waters on this perfectly calm morning. Named by Canadian geologist and surveyor George Dawson, the plume of cloud trailing from the top of Mount Assiniboine reminded him of the teepees of Assiniboine Indians. As the first rays of the sun hit the peak, it’s easy to see the resemblance and source of his inspiration.

Taking our time to break camp and pack our gear, we set out on the trail again towards Lake Magog. Clouds roll in and by the time we reach and cross Og Meadows, it is overcast and threatening to rain. Of all the days on the trail, this is the least favourable weather day, and it’s not bad at all. During the trip we were very fortunate as every other day was simply picture perfect.

We soon reach our destination of the day, the historic Assiniboine Lodge at Lake Magog nestled at the base of the mountain. Built in 1928 and owned by BC Parks, this is North America’s first backcountry ski lodge, located 26 kilometers from the nearest road – so the only way to get here is by foot or helicopter. Accommodations here are beyond the budget of most hikers, so many opt to set up camp at nearby Lake Magog campsite. Every day the lodge is open to non-guests for an hour, where hikers and campers can enjoy afternoon tea in the historic dining room. Cake and beer in the backcountry – a true luxury!

We were fortunate to book two nights at one of the five Naiset Huts located further down the trail. These are rustic dorm-style log cabins, built by the Alpine Society of Canada for overnight park visitors and managed by the Assiniboine Lodge, are extremely popular and sell out every summer. The six bunk beds in the Jonesy Hut suited us perfectly! Adjacent to our cabin, the Wonder Lodge Cooking Shelter provides guests a communal kitchen and socializing area, a welcome change after a few days on the trail.

Location Map and Route

4 responses to “Hiking Assiniboine: Lake Magog and Assiniboine Lodge

  1. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking along the same lines. Any big hikes planned for the summer?

    Keep posting the great blog/pics



    • This summer will be mostly local camping and such. Saving up for a big hike in South America, hopefully this Christmas. Fingers crossed! Thanks for supporting my blog, much appreciated 😊


  2. Love your site and pics are amazing. We are heading up to Assiniboine this summer for some shots of the Milky Way and fishing. We are staying at the Naiset Huts and are contemplating heading to Og lake for a Milky Way shot. While you were around Og Lake, did you notice if there were any fish swimming about and or any jumping? I haven’t been able to find anything about the fishing at this lake but want to know if I should throw in the fly rod when we make the trek over to the lake. Any info on the fishing at this lake you, or anyone else has, let us know.
    thanks a ton


    • Mike, the lake was completely calm when we were there and I did not notice any fish in the waters. I’d be surprised if there were any there, it’s a relatively small body of water (but I am not a fishing guy so probably not the one to ask!) – you can probably check with the staff at the Assiniboine Lodge, they will probably have a better idea if it is worthwhile to bring your fishing gear to your hike. Good luck!


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