Hiking Sai Kung: Tai Tun Peak

Just a little away from Hong Kong’s densely packed city core, Sai Kung is a hiker’s paradise. There are scores of trails to pick from, ranging from easy family walks to more challenging and exciting unofficial routes. If you have a few hours, a relatively undemanding yet rewarding hike is up Tai Tun (太墩) hill for some nice views of Sam Chuk Wan bay and surrounding islands. Even in hazy winter weather the views are impressive.

Tsam Chuk Wan bay and village, seen from Tai Tun Peak.

Located in Sai Kung West Country Park, the trailhead is found near Pak Tam Chung, easily reached by bus or taxi from Sai Kung village. Though the start of the path is a bit tricky to locate (it’s on the far end of the parking lot adjacent to the park Visitor Centre), a number of colourful ribbons mark the way – typical of many unofficial trails in Hong Kong. It soon joins a concrete path and you’re on your way up to the peak. At 317m, it’s a fairly steep climb to Tai Tun, so some sites will rate this a moderately challenging hike.

When you reach the Tai Tun peak marker, most of the hard work will be behind you. Enjoy the expansive views of Tsam Chuk Wan bay before heading further inland through heavy bush towards Tai Tun Knoll, pushing your way through the vegetation. After crossing the knoll, the trail begins a steep descent and joins the Cheung San trail that levels through a wooded area and back towards the coast.

After reaching the Cheung Shan (長山) peak marker, the trail begins a gradual descent to the coastline with nice sunset views of Yim Tin Tsai and Kau Sai Chau islands across Sam Nga Hau channel. Finish the hike at the Tai Mong Tsai Barbeque Area, where you can grab a bus or taxi back to Sai Kung village.

Route Map

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