Tung Chung Bay

Before the last post of the year, I want to wish my readers and followers a happy and healthy 2014. Thank you for that little slice of bandwidth you use every time you click on my blog… It means a lot to know I’m not just talking to myself. Or am I?? 😉

Nestled in Tung Chung Bay on Lantau Island, just south of Hong Kong International Airport, lies the sleepy fishing village of Ma Wan Chung. Here you can still get a taste of rural life before the construction of the Chek Lap Kok airport and the housing developments at Tung Chung New Town.

Hong Kong is dotted with these small villages, some abandoned as the population moved to the urban centers. They are now a welcome refuge from the downtown crowds, pollution, and shopping malls. However, the environmental impact due to housing expansion and land reclamation is being felt throughout. Click here for an interesting article specifically about Tung Chung Bay, and a call for increased conservation of the area.

In Ma Wan Chung, old houses built on stilts over the water.

A Laughing Buddha statue looking out over the bay. Yat Tung public housing in the back.

More broken statues. The shoreline is littered with garbage, a real shame.

Hau Wong Temple facing Tung Chung Bay.

A quiet alley in the village.

Advertising goods and services for sale.

Cats everywhere! They’re very friendly.

One of the many old shacks in the village.

At the small harbour, dirty water and refuse is common. Residential highrises tower over the village.

This seafood restaurant seems to be quite popular with locals and visitors alike.

Artists on the pier.

The harbour and pier, with the Ngong Ping 360 cablecar in the distance.

Fishers trying their luck. Can you spot the body double?

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  2. Peter, Happy New Year to you….the best in 2014!!
    Do not worry, you are not talking to yourself! Your photography speaks volumes…I will always be listening!! You are showing me the HK I missed when I visited two decades ago!


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