Up Cloudy Hill

For the last hike of 2013, a leisurely walk up Cloudy Hill mountain (九龍坑山) in the Tai Po district, eastern New Territories. The path follows part of the Wilson Trail Section 8, up two “hills” that peak at a radio transmission tower at 440m, before descending back to Tai Po town.


The hike as tracked by RunKeeper.

Finding the trail head was a little tricky, as we started from Tai Wo MTR station and navigated some side streets before finding the starting point near Ying Pun Ha village. Once started, it was up and up – lots of steps until reaching the first summit on a nameless peak. With typical Hong Kong winter weather, it was sunny and dry, and very hazy; however there were still some good views of Tai Po and Tolo Harbour down below.

After reaching the top of Cloudy Hill, we leave the Wilson Trail to head east down towards Fung Yuen village, and then back to the starting point at Tai Po Old Market. After a quick coastline drive along Ting Kok Road we end up at an outdoor barbeque area for some All-You-Can-Eat grilling, Hong Kong style. A great way to end the year!


The trailhead at Tai Po. Most of the trail was paved with stone steps.


About half way up the first peak, old tombs overlooking Tai Po.


A makeshift resting area on the ascent. Don’t know if anyone ever sits in those chairs…


Panoramic view of Tai Po.


The first peak reached, a nameless mountain, at 288m.


Looking north, we see the work ahead of us. This is Cloudy Hill.


Near the peak, warnings of a steep climb ahead.


The radio transmission station at the top of Cloudy Hill. Not much else to look at, which was a bit disappointing.


On the descent, looking back up at the endless stone steps. We’re now off the Wilson Trail.


Half way down, the incline lessens and the vegetation varies.


Almost at the bottom, and the sun is beginning to set.


We make to the end of the hike just as the sun goes down.


The barbeque area near Ting Kok. For $90HKD per person and unlimited meat, it’s a steal and very popular.


Busy night at the BBQ. Each pit gets two bags of charcoal. This is perfect for the chilly winter weather.


Hong Kong style BBQ. Grab a skewer and grill your own over a real charcoal fire. Baste with honey when almost done, and your patience will be rewarded. Yum!

What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions? Let me know.

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