Shau Kei Wan and King’s Road

A different hike of sorts – a walk along the eastern side of Hong Kong Island from Shau Kei Wan to Quarry Bay. This part of the city seems to have a more local and community feel to it, compared to the glitzy shopping centers at Central and Causeway Bay. Even on the MTR, everyone gets off at Causeway Bay before the train continues east! For this photowalk I took the tram (a.k.a streetcar for you North Americans) to the terminus at Shau Kei Wan walked back to Quarry Bay.


Walking along Shau Kei Wan Road, which turns into King’s Road.

The tram runs east-west following the main thoroughfares on the Island, and is a great way to see the city and its neighbourhoods. For the princely sum of $2.30HKD it’s an amazing sightseeing deal (second only to the Star Ferry crossing of Victoria Harbour) – grab a front seat on the upper level, and enjoy the ride and the view. The area has a large number of old, massive apartment buildings in pastel colours that harken back to a different, less prosperous Hong Kong.

The tram terminus at Shau Kei Wan where the cars loop back.

The bustling Shau Kei Wan street market.

Another icon of Hong Kong public transportation – the minibus.

Balcony on an old apartment.

A scraps and recycling storefront.

Overpass on Shau Kei Wan Road.

Not sure if I would have my Ferrari serviced on an incline with a couple jackstands…

A shrine on a side street.

Apartment complex along Shau Kei Wan Road.

Street lunch, at Sai Wan Ho.

Public housing and private residences at Sai Wan Ho.

The Lai Wan Building at Sai Wan Ho

Apartments tower over the street.

A local clothing store.

The westbound tram at Tai Koo, on King’s Road.

Apartment complexes at Tai Koo city.

The Oceanic Building at Quarry Bay.

Crowded units in the Oceanic Building.

Street vendors on King’s Road.

Tak Lee Building at Quarry Bay.

Tak Lee, Po Lee, and Wai Lee buildings at Quarry Bay.

Daylight can barely get through…

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    • For my hiking I mostly use my 18mm f2, and sometimes the 35mm f1.4, on my Fuji X-Pro1. It’s small and lightweight. Really also depends on your style and types of photos you like.


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