Lynn Canyon Park

On my recent visit to North Vancouver I had the chance to drop by Lynn Canyon Park, a popular municipal park just a 20-minute bus ride north of Lonsdale Quay. The park features many hiking trails of varying difficulty, and a 50-metre high suspension bridge over Lynn Creek. It is also the largest park in North Van.


One of the many trails in Lynn Canyon.

After a 1-km walk from the bus stop through a quiet residential area, you’ll reach the park entrance and the suspension bridge just nearby. This particular weekend was especially busy due to the good weather, so it’s a good idea to take public transit. There are no entrance fees either, which adds to the park’s popularity.

The trails are well-maintained and lead you on an easy walk to the bottom of the valley where diving into Lynn Creek seems to be a favorite activity with many visitors.

Lynn Canyon Park

The Lynn Canyon Cafe near the park entrance.

Lynn Canyon Park

On the trail to the bottom of the valley.

Lynn Canyon Park

The valley floor at Lynn Creek. Everyone is gathered at the 30-foot pool where you can dive into the creek.

Lynn Canyon Park

Brave divers taking the plunge!

Lynn Canyon Park

The onset of fall colours.

Lynn Canyon Park

Majestic pines line the trail.

Lynn Canyon Park

The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, 50m above the creek.

Lynn Canyon Park

Looking down from the bridge, more brave (reckless?) divers.

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