Tuen Mun’s Castle Peak

Rising 583m over the district of Tuen Mun, Castle Peak (青山, also known as Pui To Shan 杯渡山) doesn’t even make Hong Kong’s top ten tallest mountains. It is, however, considered one of the city’s three steepest summits – along with Sai Kung’s High Junk Peak (釣魚翁) and Sharp Peak (蚺蛇尖). On most days, the mountain is clearly visible from Lantau Island and it looks impressive indeed, crowned with a big transmission tower at the top.

The hike starts at the foot of the mountain in Tuen Mun where we follow a road past a few monasteries before a series of seemingly endless stone steps. The path winds up and up with great views of the city below. After reaching the peak, we follow the ridge north where the trail leads us to a gradual descent among hills and valleys that border Tsing Shan firing range. The peaks are weathered and eroded, and visibility is poor on this day; the path is also quite slippery due to the previous days’ rain, so heading downhill is quite tricky. This is where a hiking pole is handy!

Click on the photos for a larger view.

Castle Peak

Castle Peak viewed across the water from Lantau Island.

Castle Peak-4176

At the starting point a few minutes walk from Tuen Mun MTR station. You can see the peak in the background.

Castle Peak-4177

Passing Tsing Shan Monastary on the way up.

Castle Peak-4192

About a third of the way up, looking back at Tuen Mun below.

Castle Peak-4200

Reaching the tower at the top!

Castle Peak-4205

There are in fact several radio towers at the peak, and a pagoda too.

Castle Peak-4206

Climbing the last few steps up the main tower.

Castle Peak-4213

Panoramic view of Castle Peak Bay below.

Castle Peak-4215

The ubiquitous pillar at many of Hong Kong’s peaks, this one at 583m.

Castle Peak-4226

After reaching the summit, we head north. A look back.

Castle Peak-4230

The trail ahead is a gradual descent with views of Tuen Mun to the east.

Castle Peak-4237

There is little vegetation on the ridge, so you are completely exposed to the elements.

Castle Peak-4245

Much hilly terrain with grassy valleys.

Castle Peak-4249

Another panorama looking back. Castle Peak is just behind the tall mountain.

Castle Peak-4251

Rocky outcrop reveals big boulders just beneath the surface.

Castle Peak-4254

One of the few hikers today, taking a break.

Castle Peak-4260

Climbing one of the weathered peaks with exposed granite and sand.

Castle Peak

This area near the end of the trail was especially eroded.

Castle Peak-4274

The sand erosion contributes to an alien-looking landscape.

Castle Peak-4279

Finally we reach the end of the hike, where we take the road back down to Tuen Mun.


Route and Location Map

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