Along Rooster Ridge

Kai Kung Leng (雞公嶺, literally Rooster Ridge) is located in the western New Territories, and together with Tai To Yan (大刀屻) is one of the main geological features of Lam Tsuen Country Park. The mountain trails are distinguished by having no signposts or markers whatsoever, so finding the trailheads is a challenge unless you know exactly where to look, or are fortunate enough to find a knowlegable taxi driver. Certainly it seems to be one of the less popular routes in Hong Kong, as there were very few hikers this weekend despite the perfect weather.

Kam Tin-4407

Kai Kung Leng ridge, seen from Kam Sheung Road MTR station.

We start the hike at the western side of the mountain range near Yuen Long. The ridge passes through two major summits in the area: Kai Kung Shan (374m) and Kwai Kok Shan (585m), the tallest peak in the range. The route is also popular with mountain bikers and dirt bikes, with some of the valleys looking like giant ramps and half-pipes. Through the typical winter haze (fairly light this day) we can see the farmers’ fields of Kam Tin to the south, and well into the mainland city of Shenzhen to the north. Except for some tall grass, there is little vegetation on the ridge, so without any shade this would be a very tough hike in the summer months. Only on our descent did we encounter some trees and had to wade through some thick jungle-like overgrowth.

Kai Kung Leng-4291

On the ascent, looking down south at Kam Tin.

Kai Kung Leng-4294

A lone tree in the otherwise barren hills.

Kai Kung Leng-4305

The first peak, Kai Kung Shan.

Kai Kung Leng-4307

Rather sad looking tree…

Kai Kung Leng-4315

The first summit reached at 374m.

Kai Kung Leng-4319

Looking north for a good view of Shenzhen across the water.

Kai Kung Leng-4324

Kai Kung Shan behind us.

Kai Kung Leng-4328

Fully exposed on the ridge, and you can clearly see the bike trails.

Kai Kung Leng-4329

As we hike higher the ridge comes into full view.

Kai Kung Leng-4335

At the peak of Kwai Kok Shan, another hiker taking a snooze.

Kai Kung Leng-4345

Sunny but thankfully not very hot, and a nice breeze too.

Kai Kung Leng-4348

One of the many valleys criss-crossed with bike trails.

Kai Kung Leng-4357

The Tai To Yan mountain range is clearly visible.

Kai Kung Leng-4360

Several more hills to traverse before reaching the end of the trail.

Kai Kung Leng-4380

One of the many trails leading down the mountain into surrounding villages.

Kai Kung Leng-4383

This is the last hill, with an unexpected tree growth at the top. I’m dubbing it Toupee Hill.

Kai Kung Leng-4397

The final descent towards Fam Kam Road, though some thick bushes and heavy overgrowth.



Location Map and Trail Route

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