Mademoiselle Privé: Chanel at PMQ

After stops in London and Seoul, the Mademoiselle Privé exhibit from luxury fashion house Chanel has arrived in Hong Kong. Staged at Central’s PMQ, the exhibition is an immersive journey through the origins and sources of inspiration of Chanel’s creations.

Mademoiselle Privé aims to capture the charismatic personality and irreverent spirit of the house’s iconic founder, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, as well at its lead Artistic Director Karl Lagerfeld. Through exhibits ranging from the famous “No. 5” fragrance and intricately detailed haute couture garments to finely crafted jewellery, visitors experience the dazzling history of this storied brand.

You needn’t be a fashion fan to enjoy this exhibit; simply admiring these pieces as wearable art is worth the visit. The amount of work and skill needed for artisans to create each item is truly amazing.

The exhibition is free to the public but you do need to book your visit in advance (in order to manage the number of visitors) and also download the app on your smartphone. It wraps up after the first week of February.

A word of advice: the main exhibition area is very dark, so watch your step. And as I found out quickly, not the ideal place for manually focusing legacy lenses! Photos here were taken with a selection of Pentax Takumar M42 lenses adapted on my Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera.

Location Map

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