Hiking Assiniboine: Marvel Lake via Wonder Pass

After scaling Nub Peak at the heart of Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, it was time to move through the second half of our 6-day adventure. Everything we’ve seen and experienced so far affirmed that this is indeed one of the most spectacular hikes in the Canadian Rockies, and today would be no different. Our two-night stay at the Naiset Huts near Assiniboine Lodge was especially nice, but it was time to get back on the trail with our packs and push on to Bryant Creek where we would be camping on the fifth night of our trip. This trek takes us through Wonder Pass, a gloriously scenic mountain pass en route from Lake Magog to Marvel Lake.

Here is the outline of our hike through Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park.

It’s another picture perfect day as we leave our rustic but comfy cabin and head southeast through picturesque forest trails lined with wildflowers. Passing Gog Lake and gradually ascending as we go, we arrive at the open expanse of Wonder Pass and once again cross the boundary from Alberta to British Columbia.

Trekking the rugged and relatively level terrain, the first ragged peaks of Mount Gloria are visible on the horizon. We veer off the main trail and take an unofficial path up to a lookout point for a better view of the surrounding area. The scramble is rewarded with a higher vantage point than the more popular side trail that leads to the regular Wonder Pass Lookout. It did not disappoint, with amazing views of The Towers, Terrapin Mountain, and Aye Mountain, with turquoise Lake Gloria below.

Exiting Wonder Pass, a steep descent begins with a number of switchbacks down to Marvel Lake. The trail continues parallel to the crystal blue waters, flanked by Wonder Peak on our left, and Marvel Peak across the lake on our right. This section was pretty rough going – it was the hottest day of the trip (hitting 30 degrees C) with little or no shade, but thankfully the hike was relatively level.

Finally we reach the far side of Marvel Lake and begin our descent down to the shore towards Bryant Creek. Hoping for a waterfront campground like the one at Og Lake, we were slightly disappointed at the relatively small and cramped campsite in a heavily wooded area. But at the end of a long day on the trail, we’re not picky at all 🙂

Location Map and Route

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