Hiking Assiniboine: Bryant Creek to Mount Shark

All adventures must come to an end and so we arrive at the last day of our 6-day trek through Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. After a chilly night at Bryant Creek campground, we set out on the last segment of the hike, an easy 14 km out to the Mount Shark trailhead. This was probably the least scenic of all the days on the trail, but we were certainly looking forward to a proper meal and hot shower – great motivation for the last portion of our trip!

Here is the outline of our hike through Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park.

Lacking the dramatic scenery of previous days, this is a relaxing hike and a good way to round off a week in the backcountry. Leaving the campsite and Marvel Lake area, most of the trail is through thick forest along the river valley, crossing Bryant Creek, and then Curry Creek. The elevation change is slightly uphill but nothing strenuous at all.

Near Watridge Lake we take a breather and take in the beauty of the crystal clear waters, and wonderful views of Cone Mountain looming overhead. From this point on we are on the Watridge Lake Trail, a popular path for mountain biking and cross-country skiing, that eventually leads to the Spray Lakes area. Here the trail widens considerably, into a logging road, for the last portion of the hike. We also encounter more hikers coming in and out of the park, as it is a popular day-hike destination.

And so finally, after a few hours of easy walking, we arrive at the Mount Shark trailhead and parking lot, and the end of our journey. Waiting for our pre-arranged ride back to Canmore, we take stock of our accomplishment and proudly pat ourselves on the back. We did it! A six day hike through one of the Canadian Rockies most beautiful hikes was in the history books, and it was simply amazing.

Location Map and Route

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