Sai Kung By Night

Famous for its seafood restaurants, Sai Kung is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. I’ve been here many times before, typically to the same seafood restaurants, but lately also as a jumping off point for hiking activities. However, the other evening was the first time venturing beyond the busy harbour – and I was surprised to find quiet streets packed with small and cozy restaurants and cafés, and a much more local feel. If you’ve only ever been to the main harbour, I encourage you to check out the quieter side of town. These small hidden side streets have great character.

Sai Kung Pier

Sai Kung pier.

Sai Kung Harbour

Sai Kung harbour and popular seafood restaurants.

Sai Kung seafood restaurant

The dinner showcase. Seafood doesn’t get any fresher than this!

Sai Kung Town

Local shops and restaurants.

Sai Kung Town

Custom transportation at local cafe.

Sai Kung Town

This restaurant had traditional Chinese decor but a Greek menu? Tonight’s special: spanakopita and moussaka.

Sai Kung Town

Waiters’ shirts out for laundry. Except it’s raining…

Sai Kung Town

Another quiet side street.

Sai Kung Town

Typical village view.

Sai Kung Town

This is the backside of the glitzy restaurants facing the harbour.

Sai Kung Town

Looks like part of a Borg cube!

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