Flickr 100 Strangers – 2/100 Georgia

Georgia - 100 Strangers

I met Georgia at the 2013 Doors Open Toronto event. She was a volunteer at the Little Trinity Anglican Church, Toronto’s oldest church building – and her enthusiasm for the history of the building, her faith, and her personal connection to the church was immediately evident. She described in great detail how the church was restored after a fire, as well as other nearby structures undergoing restoration as part of a revitalization of the Corktown area.

When I asked if she wanted to take part in my project, she was more than happy to oblige – we got to talking about photography and how her grandfather is a documentary photographer: George S. Zimbel. Wow what a treat! Thank you Georgia for being my 2nd stranger and for being a terrific guide. I hope you like your portrait!

For this photograph, I asked Georgia to stand facing the beautiful stained glass windows in the church. They filtered the sunlight to provide a soft, glowing light. I especially like the catchlight in her eyes – the reflection of the stained glass.

This picture is #2 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page.

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